24 dicembre, 2012


The colors and nuances of this sea that I retract in photographs, is not typical of winter. The contrast of blue sea and load of the sky with the distant snow on mountaintops. The yachts parked, li, to enrich that glimpse of scenery of marina di Sibari. it was cold yesterday, a lot. I wore a Goosedown jacket bought not long ago from Benetton, my inseparable black leather gloves for a totally casual outfit. I am protected from the cold and I enjoyed this beautiful mare!

 And you, how are you spending the holidays?


I colori e le sfumature di questo mare che ritraggo nelle fotografie, non è tipico del mare di inverno. Il contrasto dell'azzurro carico del mare e del cielo con la lontana neve sulle cime dei monti. Gli yacht, li, parcheggiati ad arricchire quello scorcio di paesaggio della marina di Sibari.
Faceva freddo ieri, molto. Ho indossato un giubotto in piuma d'oca acquistato non molto tempo fa da Benetton, i miei inseparabili guanti di pelle nera per un outfit del tutto casual. Mi sono protetta dal freddo e mi sono goduta questo meraviglioso mare!

 E voi , come state trascorrendo le vacanze ?

I was wearing:

Asos sunnies
Benetton jacket
Terranova vest
Asos scarf
Roberto Cavalli vintage jeans
Hogan shoes
Leather gloves

10 commenti:

  1. Bellissime foto. Buon Natale. Kiss Marcella

  2. Sailing... Lovely, I love it! By the way, Merry Christmas to you! Wish you had the best days with your family and close friends :)
    Andrea in Fashion

  3. Da noi oggi nebbia... Quindi ben vengano le tue foto col mare!!!
    Buon Natale!

  4. Beautiful pictures!Love it!

    Would you like to follow each other?

    Happy Holidays!
    StyleList By Me Blog

  5. The sea looks charming and you are such a cute girl! Nice post, thank you for share! Also thank you so incredibly much for the comment you'd left on my blog, wish You a Merry Christmas!!!
    I'm following you, if you aren't following my blog yet, feel free to do that:D
    Have a fabulous time!

    Best wishes, Alexandra

  6. Just dropping by to wish you Merry Christmas!

    Tracy and Jessica @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

  7. Hi Celyne!
    You look great! I really miss this beautiful sun!
    Merry Xmas!



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